About IPE 1031

A leading independent qualified intermediary who has managed billions in exchange transaction dollars since 2003, IPE 1031 focuses on:

  • assisting with the planning and structuring of exchange transactions;
  • providing detailed and customized documentation to ensure strict compliance with IRS regulations;
  • holding sale proceeds in trust as required under Section 1031;
  • serving as a complete exchange resource to taxpayers and their advisors


IPE 1031 is an active member of the Federation of Exchange Accommodators, the only trade organization and governing body of the qualified intermediary industry. The FEA is dedicated to the promotion of client security, integrity and professionalism in the QI industry.

In addition to serving nine years on the FEA’s Board of Directors (Chair of Ethics Committee), IPE 1031’s principal has served as past President of the FEA and currently serves on its Government Affairs Committee.


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